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Dr. Imtiaz Ahmad Dr. Imtiaz Ahmad, a board-certified specialist in vascular and thoracic surgery, the Comprehensive Vein Treatment Center (CVTC) features a team of close-knit professionals who are dedicated to understanding your personal needs and to providing the personal attention that can make a difference in your care.
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All patients at CVTC are treated by a board certified vascular surgeon using the most modern, technologically-advanced methods available, for the treatment of varicose and spider veins and other venous diseases. The center features a staff of highly-trained professionals who are dedicated to understanding your medical needs and providing the highest quality care and professional guidance.

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Available Therapies Include:
  • Venous Closure Procedure
  • Transdermal Laser
  • Micro Phlebectomy
  • Intense Pulse Light

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Comprehensive Vein Treatment Center is considered one of the top varicose and spider vein treatment centers in New Jersey.

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