Leg Pain or Weakness: Consult a Vein Expert in Hamilton County

For many people, some pain or discomfort in the legs might not get immediate attention.  We understand – it's difficult to take time off work and schedule an appointment to see a doctor. However, if your symptoms worsen or interfere with your work or recreation, it could signal an underlying health risk. If you experience persistent pain or … [Read more...]

Vein Expert in Hamilton County: How Swollen Legs & Ankles Can Impact Your Overall Health

There are many reasons why your legs and ankles swell, and one of those reasons could be vein disease. According to Dr. Imtiaz Ahmad, our vein expert in Hamilton County, vein disease is common in individuals age 50 and up. Besides visible varicose veins and leg pain, swollen legs and ankles are one of the classic warning signs of advanced venous … [Read more...]

Vascular Doctor in Hamilton County: Why Vein Disease is Worse than You Might Think

As a vascular doctor in Hamilton County, I don't often hear about vein disease on the news, but it's not uncommon – an estimated 25 to 40 million Americans suffer from vein disease. Early symptoms are tolerable, which lead many to assume vein disease poses little risk. However, some venous conditions, such as deep vein thrombosis, are cited by the … [Read more...]

What A Vein Expert in Hamilton County Knows About Vein Disease and Pregnancy

The top risk factors for developing vein disease include age, gender, weight, lifestyle and…pregnancy? It may come as a surprise to many, but up to a third of pregnant women in their first pregnancy develop venous insufficiency, the venous condition responsible for varicose veins and poor circulation. And the risk increases with each pregnancy … [Read more...]

Vascular Doctor in Hamilton County: 2 Types of Vein Disease

Varicose veins may be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of vein disease, but there is so much more to vein disease than that. According to Dr. Imtiaz Ahmad, our vascular doctor in Hamilton County, there are 2 categories of vein disease: insufficiency and thrombosis. What do Chicago residents need to know about venous … [Read more...]

Vein Doctors on New Jersey Treat All Stages of Vein Disease

Vein disease often goes undetected or ignored in its early stages. The symptoms are bearable and we’re too busy to schedule a doctor’s appointment. We understand; a little soreness or unsightliness never hurt anybody, right?  However, at our vein center on New Jersey, our vein doctors must remind our patients that these symptoms indicate only the … [Read more...]

Vein Clinic in Hamilton County: How to Tell If You Have Varicose Veins

Vein disease often begins undetected, and without noticeable symptoms. The vascular system is so complex that your body can make up for the early stages of vein disease without giving signs of a problem.  Of course, left untreated, vein disease will progressively worsen. At Comprehensive Vein Treatment Center, our vein clinic in Hamilton County, we … [Read more...]

A Hamilton County Vein Expert Explains How Aging Can Bring On Vein Problems

If you ask a Hamilton County vein expert what most people say when asked to describe what comes to mind when they hear the phrase "vein disease," he'll likely say that they answer "varicose veins." Ask them to expand upon this and most of them will say, "You know…that old folks' disease." The last comment is not completely true, because varicose … [Read more...]

A Hamilton Township Spider Vein Doctor Answers the Question, “Do Spider Vein Treatments Work for Veins in the Arms?”

Unlike varicose veins, which appear primarily on the legs and ankles, and which can become quite large and ropy, spider veins are smaller veins and capillaries that appear near the surface of the skin on your legs, thighs, ankles, arms, face, and neck. As noted by our Hamilton Township spider vein doctor, spider veins rarely become as large and … [Read more...]

A New Jersey Vein Specialist Presents “Vein Disease 101,” an Introduction to What Vein Disease Is, and Isn’t

Most of you who attended college or university in the United States remember that the courses numbered "101" were always the "intro" courses to any topic, the ones that provided an overview of that field or discipline. You took these courses to help you figure out whether you wanted to learn more. In this article, noted New Jersey vein specialist, … [Read more...]

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