A Hamilton County Vascular Doctor Explains How Vein Doctors Make the World a Better Place

All fields of medicine have undergone tremendous advances in the last 20 years, but few of them are as unappreciated as the advances made in the treatment of vein disease. Ask most people what vein disease is, and they have no answer at all. So to make a case for how a Hamilton County vascular doctor makes the world a better place, we have to first talk about what vein treatment used to be like.

What vein treatment was like back in the “bad old days”

Only a few years ago, the only method that doctors could use to eliminate varicose veins permanently was a process called “vein stripping.” It was as awful as it sounds – you had to go to a hospital and undergo general anesthesia while a surgeon made incisions along the entire length of the veins being treated, and then literally scraped them away with a scalpel. Both the procedure itself and recovering from it were painful, and often resulted in scarring that was as unattractive as the varicose veins had been.

What varicose vein removal is like today

If you were to seek varicose vein treatment today, things would be very different. First, there is no need to go to a hospital, because all treatments are performed in the comfort of our Hamilton County vein clinic. Next, in most cases there is no need for anesthesia, because the minimally-invasive procedures we use are so painless. And finally, there is no need for “recovery time” because there is nothing to recover from – some patients actually have their varicose veins eliminated on their lunch hour and then walk out and return to work. I think that most people who have had their varicose veins treated this way would agree that their world is a better place as a result.

But if you’re still not convinced that vein doctors make the world a better place, you need to look deeper. Varicose veins, after all, are only the surface symptoms of a circulatory disease that causes swelling in the legs and ankles that can become so painful that you can’t even walk. This underlying vein disease also puts you a much greater risk of developing diabetes, stroke, and heart disease. So the advances that have made it easier to eliminate the unattractiveness of varicose veins also makes it easier to eliminate more serious health threats. So if you’re tired of your varicose veins and want a skilled Hamilton County vascular doctor to help you make YOUR world a better place, give us a call or go online at 609-528-6330. You’ll be glad you did.

Imtiaz Ahmad, MD

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