Boost Your Self-Confidence and Improve Skin Tone with BBL™ Forever Young Treatments

The sun’s ultraviolet (UV) light inflicts most signs of skin aging. While it feels great to bask in the warm sunshine, those UVA and UVB rays degrade the supportive collagen that keeps your skin thick, firm, and lifted. UVA and UVB also dry out your skin, break down small blood vessels, and alter pigmentation.

If you’re feeling less-than-confident about your appearance because of sun spots, wrinkles, and sagging skin, Imtiaz Ahmad, MD  has a solution. At Comprehensive Vein Treatment Center in Trenton, New Jersey, he and his team offer Sciton®’s BBL™ Forever Young  treatments to reverse the signs of sun damage. BBL Forever Young doesn’t just improve your outer appearance, either; it improves the expression of genes that are associated with aging and longevity.

Light that repairs

The BBL Forever Young system is a kind of intense pulsed light treatment (IPL) that uses broad-band light (BBL) instead of a single frequency. In contrast to UV rays, BBL repairs skin, rather than breaking it down. You can use BBL Forever Young to repair many different types of skin damage, including:

You can also use BBL Forever Young to remove unwanted facial or body hair. Dr. Ahmad or his associate can treat your face, neck, chest, hands, or almost any area of your body with BBL Forever Young.

BBL changes you inside and out

Sunlight degrades and weakens the proteins collagen and elastin in your skin. As you age, too, your skin produces less of these essential proteins, which is why wrinkles and sags form. 

The restorative light in the BBL Forever Young device reaches deep into your dermis, where it triggers a wound-healing cascade that makes your skin produce new collagen and elastin. After a BBL Forever Young treatment, your skin starts to act like young skin by remodeling itself and replenishing its stores of collagen and elastin.

As your skin rebuilds itself from the dermis layer outward to the epidermis, it becomes thicker and healthier — more like younger skin. 

A BBL Forever Young treatment uses several wavelengths of light, so that the surface of your skin gets treated too. Some of the wavelengths are directed into hyperpigmented areas, including brown spots and spider veins. The energy breaks up the excess pigmentation in brown spots and freckles and evaporates broken, dysfunctional capillaries.

The treatments turn back the clock at such a deep level that even your genes are affected. As your skin ages, your skin cells change the way they express genes. Research has shown that BBL treatments restore gene expression to youthful patterns. 

Regular BBL Forever Young treatments aren’t just cosmetic. They literally extend the life of your treated skin cells.

Your mirror shows the real (i.e., younger) you

The sun robbed your skin of its youth. When you look in the mirror and see sagging skin, wrinkles, and spots, you’re not looking at your wisdom and experience, you’re looking at damage. A series of BBL Forever Young treatments erases the damage and restores your skin to its natural, healthy state.

Depending on the level of skin damage, you may need a series of five or more BBL Forever Young treatments to reclaim your healthy glow. You can expect benefits such as:

You need to space your treatments 48 weeks apart so that your skin has time to go through its collagen remodeling process. Your benefits continue to build over the next several months, with your final results visible at about six months after your last treatment. Dr. Ahmad recommends annual touch-ups to keep your skin youthful, strong, and glowing.

Boost your confidence by booking your BBL Forever Young treatment today. Call our knowledgeable office staff at 609-890-2966 or send us an online message. 

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