Don’t Live With Regret – Seek Vein Disease Treatment in Hamilton County Today

One of the challenges of focusing on vein disease treatment in Hamilton County and trying to write informative articles about the dangers of untreated vein disease is knowing in advance how a certain percentage of our reading audience will react.

After years of experience, we’ve learned that many of them will read the articles we write about the consequences that untreated varicose veins are going to have on their lives and their overall health, and they’ll say to themselves, “Yes, those side effects sound terrible, all right. But these things happen to other people. My varicose veins aren’t that bad, so I don’t have to do anything about them yet.”

There is a word for what thinking this way results in: REGRET

The dictionary definition of regret is: a feeling of sadness or disappointment over an occurrence or something that one has done or failed to do. To give you an example, several weeks ago an acquaintance of mine mentioned that his nice, shiny Mercedes had developed an unpleasant knocking sound. So he took it to his mechanic, who told him that it wasn’t a minor knocking sound, and that he would be wise to replace the faulty part that was causing it soon, before it failed and caused more expensive damage. After having been told that replacing the part would cost $200, however, he decided to wait.

Today, noticing that this neighbor had a “loaner car” in his driveway, I asked why. He said that his car had broken down spectacularly on the Interstate, and now he was looking at a $2000 repair bill, plus towing. I couldn’t help but notice that the emotion he was expressing while telling me this was regret.

Your body is not a Mercedes, but actually it’s more complicated than one

Varicose veins aren’t just an unsightly inconvenience. They are the surface signs of a deeper, more serious vein disease that – left untreated – will lead to more serious health problems. It isn’t that untreated vein disease “could” or “might” lead to more serious health problems. It will lead to them. The disease that causes varicose veins has a very clear progression – first the ugly veins themselves, then swelling in your legs and ankles, accompanied by pain that makes it more and more difficult to walk or stand for more than a few minutes. The next stage of this disease progression will be changes to the skin on your legs, as it becomes discolored and brittle and susceptible to injury, often leading to bleeding leg ulcers that don’t respond to topical treatment and refuse to heal.

This disease progression is so common that, speaking as experienced Hamilton County vein doctors, we can predict that it’s going to happen to most patients with varicose veins. And even these symptoms aren’t as bad as what the untreated vein disease is doing beneath the surface – increasing your risk of more serious conditions like obesity, diabetes, stroke, or heart disease. Would you regret it if these things happened? You bet you would.  That’s why you should seek superior vein disease treatment in Hamilton County.

Modern vein disease treatment in Hamilton County can avoid all of this regret

So if you have varicose veins – or a family history of them – don’t procrastinate, and thus risk regret. Pick up your phone and give some of the best vein doctors in Hamilton County a call at 609-528-6330 or go online to schedule a consultation. You won’t regret it.

Imtiaz Ahmad, MD

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