Vascular Doctor in Hamilton County: Why Vein Disease is Worse than You Might Think

As a vascular doctor in Hamilton County, I don’t often hear about vein disease on the news, but it’s not uncommon – an estimated 25 to 40 million Americans suffer from vein disease. Early symptoms are tolerable, which lead many to assume vein disease poses little risk. However, some venous conditions, such as deep vein thrombosis, are cited by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as a public health risk. It’s for the prevention of diseases like these that the Comprehensive Vein Treatment Center (CVTC), a vein clinic in Hamilton County, strives to spread awareness of vein disease and options for treatment.

What are the symptoms of vein disease that Jersey residents should know about?

Vein disease often goes undetected for years. Symptoms usually occur in the legs – standing and walking upright increases pressure on those blood vessels.

Common symptoms include:

These symptoms, and others, often indicate some form of vein disease.

What are some Jersey vein treatment options?

Treatment begins with detection. At CVTC, we provide modern screening technology for early detection. Many cases are treatable with non-invasive methods, such as compression stockings and lifestyle changes. However, advanced cases may require Jersey vein removal.

Don’t fear! Our vascular doctor in Hamilton County, Dr. Imtiaz, specializes in minimally-invasive, pain-free methods to separate these veins from healthy ones. In most cases, the vein does not need to be physically removed; once detached, your body reabsorbs the damaged tissue.

How can I tell if I have vein disease?

Vein disease begins before symptoms appear. Risk factors include age, obesity, smoking, or family history. If these describe you, we encourage you to contact our vein center in New Jersey for a consultation. Call us at 609-528-6330 or go online to request an appointment. At CVTC, you’re in good hands.

Imtiaz Ahmad, MD

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