Vein Clinic in Hamilton County: How to Tell If You Have Varicose Veins

Vein disease often begins undetected, and without noticeable symptoms. The vascular system is so complex that your body can make up for the early stages of vein disease without giving signs of a problem.  Of course, left untreated, vein disease will progressively worsen. At Comprehensive Vein Treatment Center, our vein clinic in Hamilton County, we seek to inform our patients on the signs of varicose veins and spider veins, so they can be treated before the symptoms get worse.

What signs of vein disease should Hamilton County residents look for?

Varicose veins are the larger cousins of spider veins and occur from the same causes. In each case, improper functioning of venous valves results in ‘backward’ blood flow. This causes blood to pool, putting pressure on healthy valves, and increasing the likelihood the problem will affect other veins.

Signs of varicose veins include:

The symptoms of vein disease often appear in our lower legs. In addition to the signs of varicose veins, be mindful of other symptoms of vein disease, such as:

If left untreated, varicose veins can progress to later stages of vein disease, which include more severe swelling, discoloration of the skin, and ulceration of the veins and skin.

I think I have some signs of varicose veins. What should I do?

At this stage, we encourage you to contact our vein clinic, Comprehensive Vein Treatment Center. Our vein clinic provides state-of-the-art spider vein and varicose vein treatment in New Jersey in a modern facility that treats the comfort of our patients as our highest priority. Our vascular doctor in Hamilton County, Dr. Imtiaz Ahmad, has provided top quality vascular care to New Jersey residents for years. Call today at 609-528-6330 or go online and let us begin treating your varicose veins.

Imtiaz Ahmad, MD

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