Vein Expert in Hamilton County: How Swollen Legs & Ankles Can Impact Your Overall Health

There are many reasons why your legs and ankles swell, and one of those reasons could be vein disease. According to Dr. Imtiaz Ahmad, our vein expert in Hamilton County, vein disease is common in individuals age 50 and up. Besides visible varicose veins and leg pain, swollen legs and ankles are one of the classic warning signs of advanced venous disease. Keep reading to learn how swollen legs and ankles can affect your health and your life.

What do New Jersey residents need to know about swollen legs and ankles?

In healthy veins, blood circulation carries oxygen and nutrients throughout the body to nourish your organs and bodily tissues. If your veins are diseased, they’re no longer able to sufficiently carry blood to places it needs to go. Without adequate supplies of essential oxygen and other nutrients, you can feel unwell. Swollen legs and ankles can occur from venous insufficiency or lessened or blocked blood supply due to a blood clot in the deep leg veins.

The swelling itself can be detrimental to your skin. As fluid builds up, the skin can overstretch, dry out, and become tight and painful. If left untreated, the skin is easily torn, difficult to heal, and can present excellent conditions for skin ulcers and infection. The painful skin, along with feelings of heaviness in the legs and general feelings of being tired and unwell, can keep you inactive, away from work or family, or even disabled.

How to treat swollen legs and ankles

You can prop up your legs on some pillows to help drain the fluids and reduce swelling. It can also help to keep the skin around the swollen area well moisturized and clean. To treat the underlying vein issues, you should come see us for New Jersey vein treatment, which begins with a venous evaluation at our vein clinic in Hamilton County.

Imtiaz Ahmad, MD

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